Bangladesh Land Developers Association

Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct shall serve to guide and inspire all developers to faithfully honor as well as observe the principles mentioned below:

  • to act in accordance with the rules and constitution of BLDA;
  • to uphold at all times the image, dignity and reputation of BLDA; 
  • Members shall plan their projects to conform to the principles of good community planning and support for the environment;
  • Members shall deal honestly and fairly with their customers and stand behind the quality of their work and service commitments;
  •  Members shall avoid all conduct or practice detrimental to the land development industry, to the Association, to the good name or reputation of its members, or its customers;
  • to be guided at all times in dealings with clients, fellow developers and others by a sense of honor, fairness and mutual respect;
  • The Developers should normally commence booking / Sale of land only after obtaining clearances from the competent authorities. If booking is entered into with purchasers before obtaining all required clearances the purchaser must be made aware of this fact at the time of booking and if necessary by way of a true disclosure in the agreement;
  • The Developer should enter in to a proper agreement as per the relevant Acts immediately on receipt of Booking Money from the purchaser of land;
  • A member shall in the agreement with purchasers clearly mention the components of the sale price and any and all other receivables. Unmentioned charges and/or costs shall not be collected from purchasers;
  • Shall in his agreements disclose a definite time frame for completion of the project. Shall also incorporate necessary penal clause applicable in case of delay in completion development work;
  • Payment receivable under the Agreement for sale should be scheduled according to the progress of the work and as per the provisions of the relevant Acts or as may be mutually agreed between the purchaser and developer;
  • The developer should not enhance the price of the land once the agreement for sale is executed – on any account whatsoever; except for additional levies, taxes, court orders or in terms of the relevant Acts or under force majeure conditions. However, if there is a specific understanding between the Developer and Purchaser which is spelt out in the agreement, escalation can be charged on mutually agreed terms;
  • The developer should develop the land only as per the rules and regulations of the Authority.
  • In case there be any dispute of any member of the association with any person, the Executive Committee of the association will consider such request and decide in its absolute discretion and wherever possible the association will make efforts to resolve the said dispute by amicable settlement or otherwise on merits of the case;
  • The developers shall incorporate necessary clause in the agreement in order to enable the client deriving the rights to inspect the land during the course of development;
  • The developer should at the time of transfer hand over all original title deeds or certified copies as may be available and related documents to the purchaser;
  • A member shall disclose in his brochures / hand-outs / advertisements or any other publicity material that he belongs to BLDA;
  • The developer should ensure timely completion, and physical possession, as committed to the buyer;
  • All conditions with regard to infrastructure as set out in the approval of the plan by the competent Govt. Authority should be fully complied with by the Developer;