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President’s Message

Message from the President

image United Nations declaration on fundamental rights says that shelter is a fundamental human right. The Constitution of Bangladesh also recognizes shelter to be among the fundamental human rights. But in a country like Bangladesh it’s not possible for the government alone to arrange shelter for all. Mitigation of this huge demand requires a long-term plan to be formulated so that a collective effort from both public and private sector may help overcome the situation. With a view to address the ever increasing housing needs of the country, the private sector real estate developers have come up with their projects.

The dimension to the utility and requirement of habitation is becoming a top priority when the benevolent Government has taken over the charge of the country with the pledge to provide shelter for the people of the country. Our land is limited but number of people is mounting by leaps and bound. Once we have to assure the shelter for all and on the other hand we must ensure maximum utilization of unused land with proper management. We must keep in mind that we have to save the cultivation land and water basin to ensure food security and to keep the environment friendly. We believe the unplanned country can not give proper habitation, food security, good environment, transportation and above all the habitable circumstances.

The private real estate sector is making substantial contribution to the economy in terms of employment generation, accrual of investment, contribution to exchequer, output trends, linkage industries and etc. The real estate sector has been on a fast growth track for some years. It is important to maintain the momentum of growth in the real estate sector. It should be highly deserving that greater official supports to it in view of its spread-effect influence on the economy.

I am delighted to inform that Bangladesh Land Developers Association (BLDA) has launched its website (URL : I hope all related real estate entrepreneurs, buyers, professionals and concerned authority will find this website as a wonderful source of useful information.


Ahmed Akbar Sobhan

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